Are you:

  • Worried about applying for a new job and going for an interview?

  • Feeling “out of practise” and not prepared for the questions you may be asked?

  • Uncomfortable about how to present yourself?

  • Unsettled by past interview performances

  • Constantly asking yourself “what went wrong?”

  • Feeling stressed and anxious and not performing as well as you know you could with interview questions?



If you’re finding that any of the above are impacting on you, your health, your relationships, or your sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in life, I’m here to help.



Interview questions can be tricky.

Imagine how your life would be if you were able to utilise your strengths to calmly handle any interview questions that you may be asked, to be able to quickly and instinctively get clarity when things seem difficult or stressed, and be able to respond in a calm and authentic way, which clearly demonstrates your capabilities and enables you to achieve more of the outcomes you want in your work and career.

Dealing with interview questions


  • Use mindfulness techniques to develop greater self awareness, enabling you to respond rather than react to challenging interview questions.

  •  Build your interpersonal skills and learn how to communicate more effectively when asked interview questions.

  •  Take action in ways that are authentic for you, so you can learn, grow and achieve more.


  • Clarify the outcomes you want and how you can achieve them.

  • Successfully navigate a career transition

  • Identify your strengths and achievements and how you can use them more effectively in responding to interview questions to feel more capable and confident.

In my Personal Coaching and Life Coaching practice, I help people such as yourself to:

Strengths based approach...

If you’d like to create positive changes in handling interview questions, click here to arrange a free initial session. I will then contact you to arrange a free, no obligation, fireside conversation to explore the ways in which I might be able to assist you to achieve your desired outcomes more easily, more effectively, and most importantly more enjoyably!


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