Executive Coaching

Are you:


  • Fighting fires on all fronts?

  • Dealing with multiple stakeholders with conflicting priorities?

  • Working with people who are difficult to work with due to strong personalities or poor performance?

  • In a new role and finding it challenging meeting everyone’s expectations?

  • Going for a promotion or new role or a career transition?

  • Finding it difficult making tough decisions which you know won’t be popular?

  • Finding your normal way of doing things just isn’t cutting it anymore?

  • Feeling stressed, tired, impatient, and not performing as well as you know you could?



If you’re finding that any of the above are impacting on you, your health, your relationships, or your sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in life, I’m here to help.



Imagine how your life would be if you were able to utilise your strengths to calmly handle the day-to-day pressures or conflict, to be able to quickly and instinctively get a clearer sense of what’s going on for yourself and for others when things seem difficult or stressed!


Imagine how different your life would be if you felt more empowered to act in different, but authentic ways so you could achieve more of the outcomes you want in your work and other areas of your life!



  • Be better able to distinguish between constructive and counter-productive behaviours to improve communication and reach desired outcomes,


  • Learn how to give and receive effective constructive feedback to improve individual and team performance,

  • Clarify the outcomes they want and how they can achieve them,

  • Develop communication strategies and purposeful behaviour to build alignment and collaboration across the organisation, and

  • Develop insight and skills needed to better handle situations outside their control and how best to take appropriate action.


  • Discover how to maximise their strengths to get the results they want,

  • Know how to approach difficult conversations to develop mutual areas of agreement in conflicted situations and facilitate critical thinking and decision making,

  • Learn how to foster collaboration and solution focus in teamwork and how best to prompt team members to consider different perspectives and explore new options for enhanced team performance,


  • Strengthen interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and leadership skills,

My executive coaching philosophy is based on a foundation of building personal awareness and equanimity, combined with a ‘strengths based’ approach and the use of mindfulness techniques. Through executive coaching I’ve assisted executives like yourself to:


Strengths based approach...

I can help you to be clear about the outcomes you want and how best to achieve them.

I will assist you to work to your strengths and develop the tools to respond, rather than react, to the challenges you face.  In doing so you will be able to improve your people management skills, increase your team performance, and ultimately take the best and most authentic action for you to perform at your best in your work.


If you’d like to create positive changes in your work life, click here to arrange a free initial session. I will then contact you to arrange a free, no obligation, fireside conversation to explore the ways in which I might be able to assist you to achieve your desired outcomes more easily, more effectively, and most importantly more enjoyably!


I look forward to assisting you . . .


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