Are you:

  • Coping with a major change in your life -  the end of an important relationship, bereavement or a redundancy?

  • Struggling to find balance in your life with the demands of young children, significant others and work?

  • Weighed down by serious illness - either yourself, or with a loved one?

  • Feeling stuck or frustrated with where you are right now and are planning to change things, but keep waiting “till the time is right”?

  • Feeling like you’ve lost touch with who you are and what you want out of life?

  • Experiencing worry, anxiety, impatience, resentment or stress?

  • Finding it difficult to remain present or communicate with those who are important to you, and that it’s difficult to really relax and enjoy your life?


If you’re finding that any of the above are impacting on you, your health, your relationships, or your sense of lightness and joy in life, I’m here to help.


Personal Coaching and Life Coaching

Imagine how your life would be if you were absolutely clear on what matters to you. If you were able to allow yourself the space to accept those events that are outside of your control, whilst having the skills to handle any difficult thoughts and feelings whenever they arose?


Imagine how different your life would be if you felt empowered to take action and move forward in ways that felt authentic to you, with confidence and ease, so you felt lighter and more positive about life.

  • Use mindfulness techniques to develop greater self awareness, enabling you to respond rather than react to life’s challenges.


  • Build your interpersonal skills and learn how to communicate more effectively with people who are important to you.


  • Clarify the outcomes you want and how you can achieve them.

  • Successfully navigate a career transition.

  • Take action in ways that are authentic for you, so you can learn, grow and achieve more.


  • Identify your strengths and how you can use them more effectively in your life to feel more capable, confident and resilient.


  • Learn how to re-frame painful experiences to open the possibility of alternative views and more productive ways of responding in your life.

  • Clarify your values in making more effective life choices and decisions.

  • Feel safe allowing yourself to experience and express your emotions as part of accepting yourself and your human experience more.

In my Personal Coaching and Life Coaching practice, I help people such as yourself to:


Strengths based approach...

If you’d like to feel better within yourself and create positive changes in any area of your life, click here to arrange a free initial session.  I will then contact you to arrange a free, no obligation, fireside chat to explore the ways in which I might be able to assist you in your health, wellbeing, relationships, and all areas of your life to be feeling better and moving forward more easily, more effectively, and more enjoyably!


I look forward to speaking with you . . .


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