Hear what clients say about Kathryn

Business Coaching

"Kathryn really listened and I was able to really open up to her. She helped me to sort out issues with my work flow and clarify what I needed to focus on. Her guidance was invaluable and she was fantastic to work with.'' 

- Mark

What I liked about Kathryn was that she really took the time to understand me as a person, and in that way, she was really able to help me in my work and with my business.


Through our sessions I was able to gain clarification on the direction that I wanted to go, become really clear on my goals and make a business plan which I was then able to work towards. She gave me the confidence to know that I was on the right track and helped me to get the results I wanted. 

- Pat

Executive Coaching Clients:

"Working with you has meant that I was able to improve my communication and develop a strategy to help me deal with challenges at work, in ways I would not have previously considered and I felt supported in taking the action I needed to – thank you."


 -    Jane, CEO


"I gained powerful insights as to my underlying triggers of stress and learned very useful approaches and mindfulness techniques for managing my thoughts. As a result, I am now much better able to deal with stressful situations. Through coaching I also learned those behaviours and strengths that come naturally to me, which I under-utilise and which really enhance my performance at work. All of this has been highly beneficial to me and only made possible through the support, structure and learnings from coaching sessions with Kathryn."


-  Chris, Project Manager



"Through our Executive Coaching sessions I’ve become much more aware of how I’m communicating and why things aren’t always working as well as I want them to.  I've developed better interpersonal skills and rediscovered my strengths and learned how to use them more effectively both at work and in my personal life.  It’s made a big difference – thank you.”


-  Lisa, Senior Manager


Personal Coaching Clients:

"Through you I got to experience a wonderful journey of discovery and reconnection with myself and the world around me, and a shift in the interpersonal interactions that were occurring  ….thanks so much Kathryn.


-   Leanne, 40 years



"Thank you Kathryn for making me feel comfortable to open any dark chapter of my life.  I feel more positive and confident now, and know I have tools I can use if things get shaky again”

-   Sophie, 28 years



"The learnings that I gained from our sessions was incredibly valuable for me personally as I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so unhappy at that point in my life or how I could possibly change things.  I found myself really looking forward to our sessions as they would be ‘spot on’ in terms of what came up and there would always be something new I could learn and apply. I’m now much clearer about what’s important for me and I’m feeling more empowered to get there.

-   Margaret, 55 years



The regular sessions I had with you for a few months opened my eyes on other ways of viewing and dealing with the stress of what life brings. You helped me to realise that what happens in my life can be seen as a disaster or could have a positive outcome and it is all up to me.  Slowly, I’ve become open to new possibilities – thank you!

 - Jo, 37 years